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Masha Books is a fully owned brand and an imprint of NextStage. It was launched in 2012 as an exclusive Islamic book vertical for children. In time reference and historical content was added to the catalogue. The well-researched titles are visually appealing with the books for children covering various topics and include stories from the prophets, moral stories, stories from the Quran besides others. The reference or knowledge books are primarily targeted for the higher age groups and are meant for everyone from 13 year olds onwards.


Masha develops books across a wide range of topics from Quran Stories, episodes from the life of our Prophets, Stories with Hadith besides others. The books are visually appealing with simple stories in large fonts which make reading easy.


Knowledge or History titles which include books on Muslim Scientists, Famous Mosques, Great Muslim Rulers, Inventions from the Islamic World, etc. are well researched, comprehensive and informative with large images across all pages through the book.

Global Reach

The titles from Masha Books have been licensed to various countries including the US, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Bangladesh and UAE. We have several titles translated in Malay and Bangla as well. Besides, our books have been exported to the UK and South Africa.

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Masha Online

Soon to be launched a Digital Library on subscription model for individuals, institutes and the trade. The platform will be customizable to cater to institutes. Masha online Islamic magazine for children, SAFA and live Islamic storytelling will be part of the portal.


The books are authentic, original and contemporary, written and edited by our team headed by Shabbir Hussain from the Islamic Seminary and International Islamic Da’wah center at Hazrat Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi. Moreover, some of our books have been authenticated by Imam Mohsin Telaida from the Institute of Islamic Education, Dewsbury.

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