There is no longer a question about the reality of digital books in the marketplace - they are here to stay! The question is - what are you doing to ensure you reach your users on every possible device available in the market today?

Digital Media Services

Content is consumed in a multitude of ways and via multiple devices, and NextStage helps in bringing the ever-growing volume of content to the consumers by making them compatible with all device types. We can take your existing content in print and digital formats and transform them into rich interactive digital versions (audio/video/read-a-loud) to meet your needs and the needs of your customers.


Our traditional media services include,

ePub / Mobi
  • ePub3
  • Enhanced ePub (multimedia - audio/video)
Scanning & Imaging

From hardcopy to ready to print PDF, web ready PDF and other digital formats.

  • PDF
  • Web-ready PDF
  • POD

We develop custom apps that can be used on mobile devices and tablets alike in conjunction with books to enhance the overall user experience. Examples include white label storefronts for books, field guides, etc.


Create bookmarks that enable quick location of content across a variety of formats.


Convert static content into rich media interactive content by using current tools in the industry.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
2D/3D Animation

Develop animation for a variety of subjects and customize presentation according to the target audience and subject at hand.

  • Instructional
  • Scientific
  • Storybook