Prophets of Islam: Musa(a.s), Yaqub(a.s), Idris (a.s), Zakariya(a.s), and Isma’il(a.s)


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Discover how Musa led the Israelites, Yaqub’s twelve sons became tribes, Zakariyya’s dedication, Idris’s wisdom, and Ismail’s role in building the Kaaba.

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ISBN: 978-9381216392
Publication Date: 2020
Format: Paperback
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Prophet Musa (a.s.), Yaqub (a.s.), Zakariyya (a.s.), Idris (a.s.), and Ismail (a.s.) have spread the message of Allah (s.w.t) and are honoured prophets in Islam. Read about how Prophet Musa (a.s.) led the Israelites out of Egypt, how Yaqub (a.s.)'s twelve sons became the twelve tribes of Israel, how Zakariyya (a.s.) tirelessly spread the message of Allah, how Idris used his wisdom to tackle situations and how Ismail helped build the Kaaba.


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