Prophets of Islam: Ibrahim(a.s), Lut(a.s), Nuh(a.s), Yusuf(a.s), and Yunus(a.s)


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Learn how Ibrahim preached monotheism, Lut and Nuh’s perseverance through hardships, Yusuf’s journey, and Yunus’s story of repentance.

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ISBN: 978-9381216408
Publication Date: 2020
Format: Paperback
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This is a collection of stories about the lives of the many Prophets sent down by Allah (s.w.t). The prophets in spite of many hardships guided the people on to the right path. These stories tell us about how Prophet Ibrahim preached worshipping Allah (s.w.t) and none other and how Nuh built an ark during the Great Flood and much more.


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